Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh my.

     I updated my blogger interface today. This is going to take some getting used to, it's completely different!! It took me much longer then it probably should have to figure out how to even write this post.  I've been so wiped out the last two days. I haven't been able to sleep at all at night, and I tried napping during the day but couldn't sleep then either.

     I keep thinking of all the exciting things I'm going to make once we move. New recipes I want to try and all that good stuff. I'd do it now, but my lack of counters makes it nearly impossible. I can't wait to use my nice big island. I'm gonna make shit I have to roll out just cause I can. PIZZA?! SURE! RAVIOLI?! NP! PIE?! DON'T MIND IF I DO! Apparently that's all I know how to make that requires a rolling pin.

     I'm not doing so great at eating clean. Actually, I'm doing terribly. I've managed to lower my sodium from 2500mg down to 1500mg (the Canadian reccomended amount) but I'm still feeling like I'm not cooking as much whole foods as I should be. Using premade sauces n junk is just way too convinent for my family.  I'm staying within my calories with no problem though, and all my nutrients so as long as I'm sticking to that then I'm already doing better then I was before and eventually I'll be where I want to be whether weight wise or food wise.

     It's an ugly day again today. I'm pretty sure I blinked and missed summer this year. I'm going to make soup for dinner. I was at safeway and thought, oh I'll just get some sandwich meat and make soup and a sandwhich... well eff that. That shit is INSANE. Even the "natural" meats were 570mg sodium per 4 slices. Craziness I tell you. CRAZINESS. So I'm going to make some chicken salad. I also just realized we don't have any lettuce. I'll have to go back and pick some up.

     Now let's see if I can figure out how to post this bad boy.

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  1. Sobeys makes a mean Italian Sub but yeah..all that cured meat, probably not good. Shitty.

    I love your excitment regarding your new awesome kitchen!