Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ceeeleeebrate good times, c'mon!

     Who has two thumbs and ate too much chinese food last night?! THIS GUY! Totes worth it. Nothing like celebrating weight loss by putting the pounds back on. Just means extra walking for me today. It's okay, beautiful day. Tomorrow is going to be nice too. I had Chinese food for breakfast. OK. My bad. That probably wasn't a great idea.
      I built all my boxes... and have not filled them. Every time I say ok im going to start riiiiiight now... i come up with some reason not to, like feeding the kid...updating my blog...napping... The important things. At least I have time, lots of time... too much time. Another night of yelling, and police helicopters, and drunk people. I have to wonder where they come from. I don't live anywhere NEAR a bar. I do however, live in between two liquor stores and a McDonalds. Which for some people could be a pretty solid Friday night.

     I thought about buying a kitchenaid mixer for my new house since I'll have all the room... glooooooorious room... but then I realized I have no idea how to cook anything. Which reminds me I have no idea what to have for supper... and I'm thinking turkey burger and salad. Maybe a rye and coke zero for a treat if I actually put something into my boxes.

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