Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh you guys.

     Never fail to make me feel better.  I woke up this morning back to myself. GOOD AS NEW. My friend who I was having the shower for won't be able to make it so I feel like a bagillion tonnes of stress is gone. I cleaned up the babies diapers and they're outside chillin in the sun. re arranged my plants and cleaned off her yard toys. When we come back from our walk, which really isn't going to be much of a walk since we're walking to the doctors and then Safeway lol, we will hang out and get some sun. Maybe we're lacking a little vit D.

   Nothing feels better then a new pair of pants. Adriano brought home a new pair of lulu's for me last night and I love them sooo much. My old ones were looking a little dingy after a year of being my only sweat pants.

Baby calls.

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