Saturday, August 6, 2011


10:00AM. Wake up, oh no.. I have a hang over. Weigh myself, YES. Success. 170.8LBS.My camera batteries are dead, so I charge them. I make Nina breakfast, cream cheese on toast. She's apparently figured out that she can infact eat the cream cheese with out the toast. Turn on the baby sitter... err I mean the TV. Put diapers on for a wash, fold towels, hang the babies clothes, put laundry away, diapers on for another wash, play with Nina, pack up diapers to take outside... looks like rain. Baby goes for a nap. My batteries are charged. Hang the diapers in the bathtub. Clean the bedroom, clean the kitchen, pick up toys. My house was a disaster by 11:30AM.

12:00PM. Noons pm right? IDGAF. It was noon. Im tired as heck already. The hanggg over. Mom needs a nap too I think.

3:00PM. Banging on wall, oh shit. Babies awake and I slept for 3 hours.It was a great nap. Clean the babies room. Ok, let's make some lunch then. Penne with cheese sauce for Nina, leftover turkey burger for me. Yummy. Finally some food.

4:30PM. Play with Nina, it's my favorite part of the day. Looks like rain but still hasn't rained. I'm a sad guy cause I would have loved to sunbleach the diapers, they're a little...stained. We read some books, we look out the window, wave to birds and cats, ride on our pink car, she falls and hits her head and cries lots. I feel bad.

6:00PM. Watched the news. Teenager on the loose, has HIV and sleeps around. Hood to know, I'll keep an eye out for her and make sure not to have unprotected sex with her. Really Edmonton? THIS IS HARD HITTING STUFF!

7:00PM. Oh crap. I should start dinner. Text message Adrian. Wtf do u want for dinner? Meatballs. No. Shepards Pie? Maybe. Ok, Shepards pie it is then. We really need to hit up a grocery store. So that's tomorrows plan. Vacuuming  and going to the grocery store. Cook cook cook, oh ya.

7:30PM. Make Nina some dinner, it's almost time for a bath and bed. She has more penne since it was left over from lunch with some carrots and peas. I tried giving her beef but she doesn't seem to care for it. Oh well, her choice. She seems to love the pasta though.

8:25PM. uuuuuuuuuugh the diapers are in the bathtub. What a PITA. No bath for you today Nina. Give her a quick washdown with a wet towel, fresh diaper ( i left the other ones out, I DO change her more then once a day.) Into bed, night night baby.


8:48PM. Its awake.

I just realized my day is not over yet. Adrians still at work, and my house is back to it's disastrous state. It just makes me wonder why I bother sometimes lol.

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