Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot Dog Stir-Fry.

     Sounds disgusting doesn't it? That just about sums up my Hungry Girl 300 UNDER 300 cookbook. I was so excited for the breakfast ideas mostly. It's the hardest meal for me to plan out without having the same thing every day. This book was no help. At all. Almost EVERY breakfast "recipe" was ~1000mg of sodium. They almost ALL used "liquid egg substitute", or processed cheese. I don't know, they may be low in calories, but I like my food to be...real. The BLT pizza looked good, but I wish they had shown how to make your OWN pizza dough, or sauce for the pizza. I'm so disappointed. There will be no hot dog stir fry in this families future. I'm going to try out the "Hola Breakfast Tostada" with some changes (like real egg whites! fancy!) I don't think I'll be using, or sharing any recipes from here but I will look through and hopefully find some good ideas or recipes that I can tweak. I don't recommend the book either way, you can find all their recipes on the website. I wish I had known lol.


  1. Breakfast is really tough... that is why I stick with my berry breakfast (one handful of mixed berries, 2 tablespoons oats, one tablespoon crushed linseed, 5 chopped walnut halves, 150g low-fat yogurt). I think I do have some other great shape-friendly and more "natural" breakfast recipes, maybe I should try and post them.

    (I like some HG recipes, but things like "Shirataki spaghetti-shaped tofu noodle substitute" make me lol.)

  2. I made the super dumb mistake of buying two of these books..yeah, my opinion matches yours. What garbage! And the thing that really pisses me off is that hardly anything in the recipes could be considered "real" food. It's all packaged stuff,blech

  3. The hillbilly housewife has a hot dog stir-fry recipe and my husband and I actually really like it. lol