Monday, August 8, 2011

Longest day of life?! I THINK SO!

     At least we made it through, alive. Both of us... barely. After 4 hours of crying and a warm bath, it's finally asleep. oh-my-gosh. We're okay, we made it through the day and now we're both in much better moods. It must be frustrating though being a baby and not being able to tell some one what you want. Oh well. Tomorrow will be a better day. We missed swim lessons AGAIN.

    I'm still under my calories for the day which is both surprising and not so much at the same time. On one hand I didn't stress eat like I normally would, on the other hand I'm pretty sure it's just cause the kitchen is a disaster and I can't be bothered to make anything to eat. which means Adriano is picking up take-out on his way home. Secretly I'm hoping it's something fattening and delish. Like pasta from the Pasta Deli kiosk in West Ed. With their super greasy alfredo sauce and the chicken baked in cheese and grease. The angel on the other shoulder is saying nooo get something healthy like a pita wrap or a sub. I have 799 calories to spare. Maybe more if the baby wakes up before Adrians home and we go for a walk or something. I'm starting to get scared to go outside at night.

     The night before last I was woken up by what sounded like a mating whale behind my house. It was a man, face down, crying in the grass(wtf? Where did he come from?) I ended up calling the police who gave him a sobriety test. He fell down before they even got him to his feet and tried crawling away. While it's pretty sad I couldn't help but think "that guys gonna have a hang over". An ambulance came to get him. I hope he's okay. his shirt was on the sidewalk this morning but was gone when I got home from wal-mart. Bizarre neighborhood I live in. I can't wait to move in January. While it's not as exciting as moving back to BC, I'm so glad to be out of the ghetto. We'd be able to move in September but we're spending a lot of money so I can get braces. (we have no coverage) so we decided to wait until January so it's not such a strain on the budget. I really hate it here so much, maybe I should get the braces in Jan and move in September. It really would be easier to move in better weather, and find an orthodontist closer to the new place. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Does the guy who sits on your neighbor's front step reading their paper, wear head to toe demin? We keep seeing a weird guy in our neighborhood who does the same thing.
    Our place isn't bad at all but having said that, I did chase -literally- a pedophile out of here the second week we moved in.
    I guess that's big city life.

    I lived in a trailer park, in BC and well...yeah, that was an experience to say the least! One thing though about ghetto livin'..lots of good tales to tell!

    I'm glad you made it through the day!
    Here's to a better tomorrow!

  2. Hahaha no he was wearing a black vest and a black hat. We moved from here, to Victoria back to here. I miss BC lol.

  3. LOL,I hear you! Victoria is gorgeous! You must be wondering "What am I doing here again????" lol

    I moved from Williams Lake to here so I"m reeeeeeeally loving Edmonton.*snicker snicker* BUT my heart is on the West Coast,my grandparents lived on Gabriola and I grew up in POrt Moody. I miss Weeping Willows, Blackberries and of course the Ocean. Waaaa! One day though I'll be back, I intend to be the grandma on Gabriola myslf:)

    Uh oh, that means there are TWO creepy newspaper reading guys...