Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, I did a little configuring!

     On myfitnesspal, and I was set at trying to lose 2lbs a week which actually had me at losing 1.2 lbs per week since it won't tell me to eat under 1200/cals. I changed it to lose 1Lb/week and it bumped me up to 1300 calories a day, with 3, 30 minute work outs so a burn of just over 500 calories a week.

  As for calories, one thing I don't track is my alcohol calories. Which I know is totally cheating but I honestly didn't think it would make that big of a difference. Now that I'm really getting serious and wanting actual changes I think it's time to *gasp* cut it out completely D: not in the "Hi, my names Sabrina and I'm an alcoholic" sense but in the "Okay, mayyyyybe I don't need 3 glasses of wine before bed tonight" kinda way. I'll have to find a new hobby I suppose. Knitting, perhaps.

     Hopefully these changes help, but really I've been losing about a lb a week thus far so I really shouldn't be complaining. I guess we'll see how the progress is in 2 weeks when I weigh-in again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I feel weird.

    Well, I'm going to start out with saying that I'm going to officially bow out of the Give Yourself The Best Gift Challenge. I wish all the other bloggers lots of luck though! I just feel like I need something fresh and it seems like it's gone on forever. I did enjoy it while I was a part but it's sort of time for me to move on, in a sense.

    I'm feeling really overwhelmed lately with the thought of the holidays coming and things that I want to do or things that need to be done. I feel tired all of the time. I really need to get back to the C25K but  I've been having a hard time feeling motivated which was what I was worried about when I had to stop but it is what it is. I keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, next week, later tonight... and then I just never do. Never seem to have the time while having nothing but time. Well tomorrow is the last day of November, so let's hope with a new month comes new motivation.

     It gets dark so early now, I wake up these days and think wow another nice day.. We'll go for a walk today but by the time I get around to it, 4pm it's pitch black outside! Probably explains the lack of energy these days... seems to suck the life out of you when it's dark all day, every day.

     I've been sticking to 1200/cal a day, but I don't feel to be getting the weight loss I've been looking for... I haven't weighed in for about 2 weeks but I feel fatter then ever. I've been thinking of upping my calories but the thought of it really makes me... nervous? I don't want to gain what I've lost, but really it seems like I'm just maintaining as it is. I don't know... I wish this was easier.

     Lots of Christmas baking in the next few days, good thing I don't have much of a sweet tooth lol. I'm baking for our landlord and a family friend. Finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow and maybe picking up a few decorations if I find anything interesting. Lifes boring these days.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm here...

     I'm not sure what it is, but I guess I just don't have much to say lately. I kept trying to push my body before it was ready and ended up being in a lot of unnecessary pain. My back is still sore, and I just got a tooth pulled so I've basically been living on painkillers and sleeping. I've been sticking to my calories and most of my  goals for my challenge sans weighing in cause I cheated once lol. Other then that I am feeling good, considering! I'm thinking next week is going to be get back on track week and I'm going to start the C25K and if my back is better the 30DS again.

     Well though of that. I've been sticking in my calories and I've been trying so many new, amazing recipes! I've definitely found a balance between loving to cook, and not having that cause problems with my eating and weight. I've been really good with planning my meals in advance, and even a day in advance now. Addicted to so many new teas but if I drink too much I'm up all night, which is another problem in itself.

     All in all though I'm feeling a ton of relief, less stress over all, feeling really good. I think I'm going to stick to not weighing in as often as I was before. I feel like I'm not a slave to the scale any more just take it as it comes. I was always bothered that I wasn't losing weight as fast as I should/could/wanted to?  but it's not really a priority right now. Right now I just want to concentrate on losing over all and not the amount of time that it takes.

     I know I've said a few weeks that "next week" was back to working out and back on track and blah blah blah but this time I mean it! I'd do it today but my face still hurts from my tooth removal but when the baby is down for a nap I might try and start the C25K. Now the only question is, do I start from where I left off, or just start over again!? I think I'll restart from the beginning just so I can take it a little easy on myself and since it's been so long since I have even been on my treadmill!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Challenge update week 8

Last week was great! Stuck to everything I have planned and this week I am feeling 100% back to normal! Hoping for another great week. Not too much time though so I don't have much to say!

Monday, November 7, 2011

No day like a Monday!

     So I said I was going to start sharing my daily calories, and so I will! Fantastic. Now that I'm reviewing them, they're looking a little low for my liking. I'll have to make sure I add in more snacks this week.

Monday: 1036
Tuesday:  1021
Wednesday: 1120
Thursday: 1281
Friday:  1230
Saturday:  958
Sunday:  1181

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Give Yourself The Best Gift Week 7!

     Wow! 7 weeks already! I can't believe it! As you can see, I've cheated and checked my weight today after breakfast. I swear I had a good reason for it! I'm officially down 20 lbs, and tomorrow morning will take my 20 lbs lost photo. I feel like I've been waiting forever. From here on out I won't check the scale again though, promise!!

     As for my action points, I've been doing well with the modifications. I've tried running but it didn't work out so I think I'll have to carry on with the mods for another week or so, and I'm okay with that now. Been doing great with cals, making much better choices, not eating out very often. Definitely no regrets thus far! I mean besides being a dink who fell down the stairs, anyways. I did try the yoga but it was not great so Monday night I'm going to try going to the gym with a friend and do some walking on the treadmill and Monday night I'm going to check out aquasize as my new thing. I've been drinking so much water and eating smaller more frequent meals soooooo everythings good here!

      Hope everybody else is doing good!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

      Everywhere but here anyways, snowing all over Alberta but not here. I can't wait for the snow. There's something so warm and comforting about being all snuggly and warm inside with tea when it sooo cold outside. Also, this weekend, CHRISTMAS DECOR GOES UP!! So excited, I can't wait. To escape the drama llama and have a happy Christmas with my husband and daughter we've decided to go skiing! So that is new and exciting. Hopefully I'll feel a letter better on Christmas then I did Thanksgiving.

     I tried to start back on the C25K today but only made it about half way through week 3 before I decided to call it quits. Now I'm regretting it because I am in pain, I started off so good and the walking was fine it was during the second set of running I was hurting and got pretty dizzy so I decided to stop. Tonight when Adrian comes home I'll just do a long walk with out the running. I'm starting to get really ancy, and I want to go back to running, I want to start my 30DS again. I just worry the longer I go with out being able to do it that I am going to  lose my steam, so to speak, but I also don't want to make my back any worse then it is right now. Maybe I'll google some injury friendly workouts... I don't know if it would even be possible. Still hoping for aquasize on Monday!

     Calories have been good, I don't know what the scales saying because I've managed to stay off of it thus far. So only 26 days to WI!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So far, so good.

     I've been trying to get a little more mobile, hoping a little movement will help to loosen things up. The Stretching feels so good/bad first thing in the morning. You know the kind of stretch where it hurts but feels so good at the same time? That's how my whole body feels but it's starting to get a little better. Since I didn't make it to aquafit ( i thought it was Tuesdays, but it's Mondays lol!) I'm going to try a yoga video I have tonight. I've been sticking to taking some small walks, tonight gonna go for a bit of a longer one to pick up some stuff for dinner at the grocery store. I think next week on top of the C25K I might try and start over with my 30 day shred and see if I can make it through.

     I just spilled ice water on my legs. Chilly.  On the topic of water, Miss S was totally right! Drinking water from my favorite water bottle does encourage me to drink more. I drink SO much more! So that's going really well too. I've been trying so many new recipes from Skinny Taste and so far they have all been pretty delish. Also been helping me keep my calories at a decent number per meal. Tonight I'm making the lasgana rolls with a side salad for a grand total of 250 calories? YES PLEASE! I made Adrian hide the Halloween candy.It was just too good not to each. Gosh I love  me some milk chocolate. 

     So, overall I think I've been doing pretty good given the cirumstances. I'm feeling better and more positive then I was days ago and just wanted to say thanks to everybody who sent me well wishes and positive vibes! I really appreciate it all.