Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, I did a little configuring!

     On myfitnesspal, and I was set at trying to lose 2lbs a week which actually had me at losing 1.2 lbs per week since it won't tell me to eat under 1200/cals. I changed it to lose 1Lb/week and it bumped me up to 1300 calories a day, with 3, 30 minute work outs so a burn of just over 500 calories a week.

  As for calories, one thing I don't track is my alcohol calories. Which I know is totally cheating but I honestly didn't think it would make that big of a difference. Now that I'm really getting serious and wanting actual changes I think it's time to *gasp* cut it out completely D: not in the "Hi, my names Sabrina and I'm an alcoholic" sense but in the "Okay, mayyyyybe I don't need 3 glasses of wine before bed tonight" kinda way. I'll have to find a new hobby I suppose. Knitting, perhaps.

     Hopefully these changes help, but really I've been losing about a lb a week thus far so I really shouldn't be complaining. I guess we'll see how the progress is in 2 weeks when I weigh-in again.


  1. I think it will definitely help!
    Im on board with it too.. and even when Rob gets home Im not planning on drinking much.
    I will save the drinking for social nights with you girls.. or here and there if Rob and I get to go on a date when he is home.

  2. Yess! cept... tonight LOLOL. Starting tomorrow I'm drink free till the 17th.