Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm here...

     I'm not sure what it is, but I guess I just don't have much to say lately. I kept trying to push my body before it was ready and ended up being in a lot of unnecessary pain. My back is still sore, and I just got a tooth pulled so I've basically been living on painkillers and sleeping. I've been sticking to my calories and most of my  goals for my challenge sans weighing in cause I cheated once lol. Other then that I am feeling good, considering! I'm thinking next week is going to be get back on track week and I'm going to start the C25K and if my back is better the 30DS again.

     Well though of that. I've been sticking in my calories and I've been trying so many new, amazing recipes! I've definitely found a balance between loving to cook, and not having that cause problems with my eating and weight. I've been really good with planning my meals in advance, and even a day in advance now. Addicted to so many new teas but if I drink too much I'm up all night, which is another problem in itself.

     All in all though I'm feeling a ton of relief, less stress over all, feeling really good. I think I'm going to stick to not weighing in as often as I was before. I feel like I'm not a slave to the scale any more just take it as it comes. I was always bothered that I wasn't losing weight as fast as I should/could/wanted to?  but it's not really a priority right now. Right now I just want to concentrate on losing over all and not the amount of time that it takes.

     I know I've said a few weeks that "next week" was back to working out and back on track and blah blah blah but this time I mean it! I'd do it today but my face still hurts from my tooth removal but when the baby is down for a nap I might try and start the C25K. Now the only question is, do I start from where I left off, or just start over again!? I think I'll restart from the beginning just so I can take it a little easy on myself and since it's been so long since I have even been on my treadmill!!


  1. When I restarted the C25K, I started over at week one. After day one, if its to easy, move on to week two on your second day. I wish you the best!!!

  2. Im really enjoying not WI also, it makes it so much easier to continue to do good.
    I think the scale sets me up for failure. I KNOW i put in the effort and I KNOW my body is changing but on the scale nothing was budging.. soo disappointing.
    Im excited for December 1st! I may only WI every month after this.

    Take it easy on yourself when you do start! Its not worth hurting yourself more.