Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I feel weird.

    Well, I'm going to start out with saying that I'm going to officially bow out of the Give Yourself The Best Gift Challenge. I wish all the other bloggers lots of luck though! I just feel like I need something fresh and it seems like it's gone on forever. I did enjoy it while I was a part but it's sort of time for me to move on, in a sense.

    I'm feeling really overwhelmed lately with the thought of the holidays coming and things that I want to do or things that need to be done. I feel tired all of the time. I really need to get back to the C25K but  I've been having a hard time feeling motivated which was what I was worried about when I had to stop but it is what it is. I keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, next week, later tonight... and then I just never do. Never seem to have the time while having nothing but time. Well tomorrow is the last day of November, so let's hope with a new month comes new motivation.

     It gets dark so early now, I wake up these days and think wow another nice day.. We'll go for a walk today but by the time I get around to it, 4pm it's pitch black outside! Probably explains the lack of energy these days... seems to suck the life out of you when it's dark all day, every day.

     I've been sticking to 1200/cal a day, but I don't feel to be getting the weight loss I've been looking for... I haven't weighed in for about 2 weeks but I feel fatter then ever. I've been thinking of upping my calories but the thought of it really makes me... nervous? I don't want to gain what I've lost, but really it seems like I'm just maintaining as it is. I don't know... I wish this was easier.

     Lots of Christmas baking in the next few days, good thing I don't have much of a sweet tooth lol. I'm baking for our landlord and a family friend. Finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow and maybe picking up a few decorations if I find anything interesting. Lifes boring these days.


  1. JUST DO IT!!!! Ugh I wish Rob was here and I would just show up at your house and take you for a walk with me... but he's not.. so I can't.
    So you have to just do it! Just tell yourself that its time to get your butt in gear! You can do this!! You have done this! Take it easy at first (I don't want you to hurt yourself again) but you can probably do more than you think.

    I have been trying to eat back my workout calories.. but on days where I'm sick (which has been for the past 2 weeks lol) its hard to eat them.
    Ive managed to still work out, but the thought of eating sometimes makes me feel full lol
    How many calories does MFP tell you you should be eating?

  2. Have you calculated your BMR Sabs?

    Mine says that I should be eating above 1700 calories, which Ive been trying to eat close to 1700 and Im losing more weight every week than I was eating 1200.

    Hopefully you find some motivation soon. Im going through the same thing!

  3. lol I will just do it. I signed up for a virtual 5K the other day so I HAVE to start. it's just more difficult ( not impossible ) now that Adrians working late, and 7 days a week. I'll figure something out just feeling sluggish that's all. MFP tells me to eat 1200 calories a day, and my BMR is ~1500. Maybe I'll start trying for 1300-1400. I just have a hard time increasing the calories with out feeling loads of guilt even though I know it's what I should do. Maybe I'll start with working out and cutting back ( again) on sodium and see where to go from there.