Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So far, so good.

     I've been trying to get a little more mobile, hoping a little movement will help to loosen things up. The Stretching feels so good/bad first thing in the morning. You know the kind of stretch where it hurts but feels so good at the same time? That's how my whole body feels but it's starting to get a little better. Since I didn't make it to aquafit ( i thought it was Tuesdays, but it's Mondays lol!) I'm going to try a yoga video I have tonight. I've been sticking to taking some small walks, tonight gonna go for a bit of a longer one to pick up some stuff for dinner at the grocery store. I think next week on top of the C25K I might try and start over with my 30 day shred and see if I can make it through.

     I just spilled ice water on my legs. Chilly.  On the topic of water, Miss S was totally right! Drinking water from my favorite water bottle does encourage me to drink more. I drink SO much more! So that's going really well too. I've been trying so many new recipes from Skinny Taste and so far they have all been pretty delish. Also been helping me keep my calories at a decent number per meal. Tonight I'm making the lasgana rolls with a side salad for a grand total of 250 calories? YES PLEASE! I made Adrian hide the Halloween candy.It was just too good not to each. Gosh I love  me some milk chocolate. 

     So, overall I think I've been doing pretty good given the cirumstances. I'm feeling better and more positive then I was days ago and just wanted to say thanks to everybody who sent me well wishes and positive vibes! I really appreciate it all.

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  1. I have to drink water from a bottle. I feel like I can't drink it from a glass or cup. I know weird. Grad your feeling better