Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watch out Edmonton

      This mama is license to kill. Err... drive... with proper fully licensed supervision. Yay me? It only took me 20 years to grow the balls to do my Class 7 (learners) driving exam. It's a shame isn't it? Actually the only reason I decided to is the recent onset of weird bus phobia. I used to love taking the bus. Either way I feel like a grown-up now, and in 1 year I'll be showing off my new car, and hopefully a new bod. Things just can't get any better for me this year. Everything is just falling into place and life is *so* perfect. Eeek. Exciting.

     I started my cleanse Sunday, and I think I've finally stopped pooping. Good to know, I'm sure. I have killer heartburn though which had started to go away. The stuffed peppers I made the other day were A-MAZE-ING. As promised here is the recipe. Tonight I am torn between soup or stew and porkchops that King Adriano wants. Tough choice. It's so ugly out it's perfect soup weather.

     I've been thinking/trying to nap since Nina went down at noon and haven't been able to sleep. Lawn Maintenance just started a lawn mower right outside her window and do u think she could be bothered about it? Of course not. Man, I would love to be able to sleep like a baby. I wonder if there is such a thing as pork chop soup.


  1. We're having Sticky,Spicy,Sweet Tofu tonight, oddly..yum!

    I'm 38 and still don't drive. There is a story behind that, that is too long to tell but whatever, my point, don't feel bad for waiting so long!

  2. Everyone I know is doing a cleanse, it's never really struck me as a good idea or a must-do. Maybe one day I'll jump on the bandwagon?

  3. Yeah, it wasn't something I felt like I needed or had to do I just thought "Hey, why not?" when another girl mentioned it lol. I lasted 4 days and gave up.