Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You wanna know what I did today?

     I took a toddler... on a 4 hour bus ride. AM I FUCKING INSANE!?!?! Nope. I just have an angel child, today. Oh well we're home now and pooped. I'm going to sleep good tonight. I never understand what it is about a long bus ride that makes you tired? It's not like I was actually DOING anything. I was sitting. I`ve also started to notice that my anxiety is getting out-of-control on buses. In fact it's the only time I feel it. I got home and had some pasta for dinner and now I'm lounging about in bed. Skipped teen mom tonight, I'll have to watch it tomorrow. Maybe as a treat for actually working out.

     Fucking hell. Have I mentioned how excited I am to move?! It will be nice to be able to sit in my own bed and not have second hand cigarette smoke wafting into my windows, stinkin up my biz. Really though, I'm probably being completely insane. It's their yard, they're smoking outside. Wtf do I expect them to do?  4 more weeks... 4 more weeks. Then I have my big house, with my big yard.

     I found a recipe for "Sassy water" which is part of a bigger diet plan that I didn't bother to look into, but I decided to try and give the water a try. Maybe it's omg-amazing. It's pretty good. Smells like marijuana though. Adrian thinks I'm nuts, but i swear thats what it smells like. It smells like my dad. Maybe I should look into the Sassy Water diet, but I have such a hard time committing to anything. Jillians Shred, the C25K, though I've never actually tried a diet before. I'm probably better off sticking to counting my calories, I seem to be doing okay so far and I get to try a  lot of great new recipes and sometimes some not so great recipes.

     I want to do the C25K, I really do but going to the gym every day is such a PITA and really I'm scared if I run in public I'm going to fall flat on my face. I have visions of pushing the stroller and it gets stuck in a crack and we both go tumbling over, because 4rlz this is the kind of things that happen to me. Sept Adrian works less hours so maybe I'll start then so I can go alone with out the baby. Who wants to wait, not me. I'll start tomorrow... at the gym... where i have to go anyways. Ok, pinkie promiseeee.


  1. Why don't you do the C25K outside? You burn more calories when running on a normal path than by running on a treadmill anyway. ^^

    (Okay, maybe you wouldn't want to run in your neighborhood... and you'd need someone to watch the kid... but try it, it's great.)

  2. I'm on week 4 day 2 of the C25K....it's tough I'm not gonna lie. I had all the same anxieties that you do. I started doing it on a treadmill then graduated to out in public.....you can do it!!!

    On the bus with a 4 year old....yes you are fucking crazy.....mine is 6 and I wouldn't even think about it....lol

  3. @ diandra, I can't go out alone at night and theres no one to watch the baby unless my husbands home. By that time, it's too late and after dark.

    @ Bonnie, thats the plan lol. Start at the gym until I feel comfy outside. The baby isn't four she's 14 months lol.

  4. oh yeah lol....the 4 stuck in my head....14 months is even worse....your twice the crazy!!!!!......hahaha