Wednesday, August 3, 2011


    Now TODAY I am doing good. Like I was yesterday... before I ate half a giant pizza sized cookie before bed. Luckily, we're out of giant cookie so I have no more temptation. I DO have big brother, so I have a distraction from my stock pile of yummy skinny cow ice cream. So slowly but surely I am going back to my "regular" mind frame. I had 5 chicken fingers for lunch. I did have an ice cream afterwards. Not great choices but after dinner I'll still be within all of my calories and over 1G of fat and  a handful of sugar. Which brings me to my point.

     I use MFP ( ) to log in everything I eat. I just use the regular basic numbers it gave me when I signed up. Which is 1200Cal, 165Carbs, 40Fat, 24Sugar, and 2,500Sodium. Now I read in the forums on MFP that the Canadian recommended sodium intake is 1500MG, and a friend who is a weight lifter told me I could stick around 2,000MG.  I have no idea what I should be doing! I'm trying to cut out all processed foods/sodium so I'm really unsure where to go here. None of my google-searching has yielded any helpful results. Aaah! For now though I don't think it's too important but when I figure it out... I'll let u know.

     Today is a good day. SNAPS FOR SABRINA.

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  1. More fun facts on sodium, in case your confusion is not severe enough yet... recent scientific research indicates that low sodium intake does not help to prevent cardiac diseases, but may in fact increase the risk. ^^

    I don't know how much sodium one is "supposed" to eat, and a quick google search came up with "scientific-sounding" answers ranging from 0.55 to 3g per day. Honestly? I don't care. According to my friends, my usual salt intake is pretty low most of the time (there's always a salt shaker on our table at dinner for the BF and guests), and from time to time I will eat a whole bag of salted nuts or crisps or other salty stuff. And I hope to grow very, very old with this kind of diet. ^^