Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Upgrade ya!

     I woke up this morning with every intention to hot-pink up my blog, only to log on and find I have a new man follower. I went with my second favorite thing to hot pink and that, of course, is cats. My scale is still broken. Which is fine because I am going to pack it up soon so I won't even have to worry about it until after I move. On the subject of moving...last night Adrians friend said he was excited to help us move because he likes driving big trucks. How perfect.

     I have a lot of junk I need to purge. Mostly baby items, jumper, saucer, swing. It's amazing how much room it all takes up isn't it. Also! I'm going to buy a new set of pots and pans. Our new place has one of those cool hanging pot racks and my pots are crappy so I thought I would treat myself, since I put off getting my braces lol. I'll have to start looking into that. I need to buy a lawn mower too. Wtf do i know about lawn mowers?

     Well my friend was gone on a trip but now she's home so I'm hoping we can motivate each other to get our butts back in gear.  U HEAR THAT MRS. I HAVENT LOGGED ON FOR 3 DAYS?! DO YOU?! u no who u r...


  1. Gotta love the public shaming from my fitness pal,ha!

    Nothing like cats to bring on the men,lol
    I'm a cat person too, we have 4. Last year I had 16. 12 0f which didn't belong to me. 2 sets of stray kittens, one mama cat and the possible daddy to the whole gang.

  2. Purple Cats... Smoking something I want...