Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's here!!!

     For the last few days Nina has had a terrible yeast infection. After 2 visits to the doctor and prescriptions that I decided not to fill, I ordered CJ'S BUTTer Spritz PLUS!, and an 8-pack of samples in what sounded like the most amazing scents known to man (cucumber melon, cherry blossom, and best of all? Warm Vanilla Cake ) They arrived today, which is SO much faster then I expected. I ordered Monday evening. They gave me an extra sample so I have 9 all together. Bamboo and Lotus blossom, Lavender & tea tree oil, Cherry Blossom, Coconut Lime Dream, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Monkey Farts, Ginger Lime, All Natural Mango Sugar & Mint, last but not least Warm Vanilla Cake. I was sad when I got the e-mail that they were out of Cucumber Melon but the extra sample & apology were good enough for me and I quickly got over it. Best of all... they are ALL cloth diaper friendly! So stoked. I hope it helps her poor bottom.

     I had spaghetti for breakfast. Probably not my greatest idea, but it was good. I'm going for a walk later, maybe I'll have breakfast for lunch to even things out!? I don't think it works like that does it. Another nice sunny day today and we're going to go for a walk whenever my little lazy bones wakes up. She's a sleeper.

Poor thing, has my hair. 

     Hopefully my books get here soon. Estimated arrival days is August 8th 2011. Seems so far away. I'm excited the most for the Jaycee Duggard Bio I think. Though the others are exciting as well. I'll make sure to let you know. I'm excited for the recipes in the 300 under 300. Maybe then I won't be eating spaghetti for breakfast. 

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