Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just for shits and giggles.

1:00PM - I'm going to venture out to safeway and see if I can find the ingredients for Lunch and dinner...Open-faced chicken salad melt, and Cheeseburger mac attack from my HG cook book. I'll log in the recipes on my calorie counting site and let's see how accurate this is. ( I already did breakfast.)

 2:30PM    So far, it's a bust. Apparently laughing cow cheese is not sold in Alberta? I bought regular light swiss cheese. Also, Safeway does not sell gigantic packs of broccoli in cheese sauce. The recipe calls for 24oz, or 6 cups, of frozen Green Giant Cauliflower & Cheese sauce. The biggest I found was 250ml and I most certainly was not paying 3 dollars x 6packages. 18 dollars for processed cheese and what may or may not be real cauliflower loaded in salt. I have light cheddar at home and some brocolli and left over veggies from the other day. So basically I'm making... not this recipe, considering I wasn't going to use the crock pot to begin with. Other then that I did get/have everything I need for the open faced chicken salad melt, but im using skim mozza instead of skim swiss cheese slices since I already have those here lol.

Breakfast - Hola Breakfast Tostada.
My version turned out okay. I'd make it again if I want something spicy. I used two whole eggs, diced tomatoes, onion, red pepper and light cheddar on a toasted dempters whole wheat wrap. Sour cream and salsa on top.

Lunch - Open faced Chicken Salad Melt.
Open-faced Chicken Salad Melt.
Followed her recipe, it was ok but I don't really like the tang mustard adds. My version was 3 calories under, and 400 more in sodium. Could be the different cheese I used, or could be the types of bread.

Dinner - Cheeseburger Mac Attack.
Cheeseburger Mac Attack
Well the same until you get to the cauliflower & cheese. I used 2 cups of broccoli, half cup of onion, 1 cup of light cheddar and one cup of light Swiss. Also I used 1/4 cup more macaroni. Here's the funny part, Mine had only 20 more calories per service, and 368mg LESS sodium. It's obviously not dinner yet so I hope it tastes half decent. Adrians not much of a critic, i doubt he even tastes anything the way he inhales it and even if it's awful he says it's delish lol.

     Assuming I eat 2 servings of dinner, and a skinny cow cookies n cream ice cream sandwich, i'll still be 44 calories under for the day.1156.and 468mg over in sodium then I would like to be.


  1. Maybe I'll do groceries there next time. I usually just go to Safeway cause it's across the street LOL.