Sunday, August 28, 2011

Joining a blogger challenge!!

     After my post about goals the other day, Ayla @ Life as a fat girl joined a challenge that I think ties in perfectly with my goal to set goals. Originally from *Less* of  Me, More of Him, the GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST GIFT Challenge.

"The point of this challenge is to be mindful all through the Fall and the Holiday Season ahead, be mindful of what you really want."

Now, as per the rules, I need to post my statement and action points. 

     By the end of this holiday season, I want to feel confident and happy. I don't want to have any regrets. This holiday season I want to give myself the gift of health, and weight loss, and to have the feeling of accomplishment. 

Action points

  • I will eat out less. I will eat clean. I will make better choices when I do eat out. I will stay within my calories, no exceptions.
  • I will set a new goal, either a scale goal, or an NSV for every month.
  • I will workout. I won't depend on diet alone for weight loss. I will work out 3 days a week, whether it's 30 minutes, or 2 hours. I will commit to 3 designated work outs a week.
  • I will be more (pro)active. I will do things. I will not procrastinate, I will do what needs to be done, as it needs doing or before.
  • I will plan my meals in advance.
  • I will try something new once a week. Food, recipe, activity, whatever.
  • I will be nicer to my husband.


  1. Great ideas for those action points! I should try more new things!

  2. I love your point about no regrets and the feeling of accomplishment. I look forward to reading your weekly updates. I am also doing this challenge.

  3. I am joining this challenge too! Love your no regrets! Michele

  4. This will be a great start to a new, thinner you.

  5. I am also a part of the challenge. I definitely need to commit more time to exercise and not only depend on my food to help my weight loss so I will be looking for motivation from you!!! So don't screw it up, heehee. :) Just kidding, you'll do great!