Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eating Clean.

     Before I was eating better, better then I was before anyways lol. Today, I'm eating clean. I looked up some recipes from Eating Clean Mag and todays menu is looking good. I had oatmeal for breakfast, and whole wheat pasta with broccoli & garlic and parm cheese for lunch and tonights dinner is some very delish sounding stuffed peppers. It only added up to ~700 calories so I added some cucumbers & water melon for snacks, maybe I'll have seconds at dinner. If they're good I'll share the recipe. Last time I made stuffed peppers they were gross. Probably my fault, I'm a terrible chef.

     I'm going to wait to start the cleanse with Ayla, my usual partner in crime. So that means tonight is my last chance to celebrate the anniversary of my marriage to that weirdo, Adrian, with the biggest bottle of wine we can find. 4 years-ish as I like to call it. My dad took the baby so I get some baby-free time which doesn't happen often. My plan to spend it napping, and lazing about in bed is not going as planned. I ended up vacuuming and making lunch. Now off to shower. or nap. or shower. Choices I tell you. Oh wait, I'll probably have enough time for both. What a glorious day!!

Happy anniversary shithead!

     Not that he'll ever know. He does not subscribe to my blog, I don't think he knows what a blog is to be quite honest. Oh well, that just means I can blame him for everything. AMIRITE?!


  1. Happy Anniversary.......

    Enjoy the vino!!!!!

  2. I just picked up my cleanse, and a bunch of fruit and vegetables! I need to look up some sto eat clean, and I might as well start tonight too.. I should probably get on that since its almost dinner time :S lol

    Have fun tonight <3