Friday, August 26, 2011


     Today I was showering and thinking about some threads I had read on MFP. One of them was about goals for September. While I manage to do okay with my NSV, probably due to no specific time limits, any time I set a goal I never actually commit. I never set a goal and reached it. I can't even finish the 30DS for petes sake. So then I thought, well no point in setting a goal if I'm not going to actually do it and put it out of my mind. Does it seem totally ridiculous that I just give up before even trying or is it better to not try and not fail? Well, it can't hurt to try can it. So this month I'm setting goals.

     In September I want to do the couch 2 5 k. I want to stay under my calories every day. I want to lose 6 lbs and put me at an even 20lbs lost. My goal for September is to reach my goals LOL.

     Thinking about goals made me realize that in January my goal was to lose 70lbs by my 26th birthday, January 19th 2012. In order for me to reach this goal I still need to lose 56Lbs. 56Lbs in exactly 21 weeks from today. Which means I have to lose 3Lbs a week or 11.2lbs a month. (2.67Lbs but whatever lol) I'm not very good at 1.) losing weight, or 2.) setting goals. I have to wonder if this is realistic? Should I give myself a few extra weeks and say Valentines day? Or does it not matter and I should have no specific time? For other people who are losing do you have a set time you are trying to lose by or do you just go with the flow?

     Maybe I'll reassess at the end of September and see how on track I am then. The more I think about it, the less likely it seems that I'll be able to reach my goal by my birthday. While disappointing I'm glad I realized it now. I can adjust and still feel good. I feel good now.


  1. Why don't you make your goal to work as hard as you can to achieve your target weight and level of health and fitness as quickly as possible? That doesn't have a deadline, and unless you give up, you are sure to succeed.

  2. Obviously that's a goal. A long term goal. :) I'm talking about short term goals, for extra motivation along the way.

  3. I realized for myself, when I set a goal of a certain AMOUNT of weight to lose by a certain time I ALWAYS fail. I think I self sabotage, and I have no clue why I do it, but it happens EVERY TIME! So for me I would say don't give your self a deadline on your goal weight. If you think you will be ok giving yourself monthly weight loss goals then go for it. Every one is different and needs different things :)