Saturday, August 13, 2011

I think My scale is broken.

     It has to be, that's the only explanation. It's been stuck at 170 for as long as I can remember! Oh well. It'll move when it wants.

     So after a long discussion and weighing the pro's and con's we've decided that moving is more important and I'll wait until after Christmas to get my braces. It sucks, but after 4 nights of not only us, but the baby being woken up by people yellings/fighting/ringing our door bell/coming to our house looking for drugs... it's best for the fam now if we move. We're looking for a house but with our budget it seems impossible. We're going to see one on the north side Sunday night, which seems like a whole world away. Which is weird because both of my parents live there... not that they would ever come see me anyways. We're also going to look at two duplexes ( duplexi?) on the west end so we can stay close to the mall, and playgroup and just about everything we know lol. Adrian hasn't lived anywhere but the West End since he came to Canada and I've lived here most of my teenage/adult life. We just want somewhere quieter, newer, and bigger so we can raise Nina in a decent neighborhood and maybe, MAYBE, have another baby, MAYBE, some day... not soon lol. So I guess we'll see Sunday. The house on the north side is nice, it's really beautiful and it has 3 bathrooms so it would be nice but I do worry about being so far from where I'm comfortable. Maybe though it would be a nice change. I call it the blue house. So, wish me luck tomorrow!


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