Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm walkin on SUNSHIIINEE O YA.

     I'm in suuuuuuuuuuuuch a good mood today. Which is fantastic cause when I left my house this morning I was anxious, stressed out, pissed off, tired, and overwhelmed and all i wanted to do was find my effing shoes. SRSLY, WHO LOSES SHOES?! Me, apparently. They were showing our unit today so I didn't want to stick around for that so Nina and I had to leave from 1-4pm. We went mall walking/shopping so I must have burned a ton of calories. Man is that mall big! I hate hate haaaaaaaate going to the mall on Saturdays but we had fun. I got myself a perfect cup from DAVIDsTEA and some new teas I haven't tried before. Nina got a cat shirt and some baby fuggs.

     We ate out for lunch I had a chicken quesadilla from Zellers restaurant.  I shared with Nina. Our waitress was a cow and I ended up complaining to the manager after I had sat there for 25 minutes and got a shit ton of attitude when I asked for my leftovers to go. Man, some people are just so rude. Really. You work at zellers so cool your jets and let me and my bb enjoy our meal. I ordered a new cell phone since mine broke, they don't make it in Fushia any more so I had to get graphite... OH! and I bought new dishes, and pillows. I feel better now though. 100%. Happy happy asshole.

     I have been wondering all day about the people who viewed our place. what they thought of our stuff. It's so weird to have to let people into your house when you're not here. I'm glad they didn't let the cats out of the basement though. nice guys. Okay then, I'm off to enjoy some tea tea tea tea teaaaaaaa. Lime Gelatoo.


  1. OMG I LOVEEEEEE the Chicken Quesadilla from

    I seriously thought that I was the only person that would ever eat there...

    Sorry to hear about your shoes though....that is definitely a fucking tragedy....RIP Shoes

  2. The waitresses in tend to be nasty bitches, don't they? Even 17 yrs ago when I used to go..
    Glad you had a happy day!