Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uh Oh

     So I did use my new treadmill last night, as well as went for a walk so that was good. I'm leaving it today though, I just have to much to do it's overwhelming. I'm hoping I get a shower before my mother comes over. I'm not looking forward to it, I want to cancel. I can't though. If I recall correctly this will be the first time I've seen her since Easter? Yup, she mos def hasn't seen Nina since she turned one. She lives 10 minutes away from me.  Anyways, my post isn't about that. I've planned my calories and everything looks good and now I'm cleaning and STILL unpacking and trying to get everything into it's place. It really is never-ending isn't it. This weekend will be good for food, but bad for unpacking and cleaning and working out since Adriano will be out of town and it will just be me and the baby. We will be able to get out for some walks though since it's going to be really nice. On my walk yesterday I ended up walking in circles for 45 minutes cause all the roads kept saying no exit so I had no where to go! I know I live quite close to the river valley, I'll have to make a point to go for a walk there this weekend!!


  1. Me and Atreyu can come buy sometime and we can go for a walk together? Plus I wanna see your new home :D

    Hope your visit with your mom was uneventful.

  2. Very uneventful. My mom asked for a hug, Nina shook her hand LOL. You know you can come by anyyytime!

  3. LOL at the handshake! Ok we shall make plans then :) My weekend is set up for cleaning and reorganizing but during the week im pretty much free all the times lol