Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bad News Bears

     So we didn't get the car cause Adrians only here on a work permit. It's so annoying. He's been here since 2004, we've been married for over 4 years. I don't think he's going anywhere and even if he did he certainly can't take the car back to Africa with him so WTH guys! We will survive though, we just have to come up with another plan of action... which is just to buy the damn car with cash, and finding another way to build our credit.

     Enough of that bad news though. I have lost 2Lbs since my last weigh-in two weeks ago. While it's OKAY, I know I'm still continuing to make bad food choices regardless of staying in my calorie range. I have to buckle down and stop eating out!! It's difficult though with the craziness around here lately. If I can do it now, I can do it any time. Dooooooooooo it.

     So - interesting story. Two nights ago some guy knocked on the door and Adrian didn't answer but he wouldn't stop knocking so Adrians all WTF GUY?! and he's like is Shawn here and adrian said no and the guy was like r u sure?! Yeah... pretty sure. What the helllll... then last night some girl comes to the door and told us "theres some one out here trying to stab people, he tried stabbing my boyfriend and I don't want him to try to stab anybody else" Uhhh... thanks for the heads up?! I think? I duno... called the cops. Seriously cannot wait to move.


  1. aww, sorry about the car :(
    I still reallllllly can't wait for you to move though. I can pick you and Neeners up and we can go shopping and I can take you guys(girls) to my gym, and to my house and visit at your house, and yeah, Im a little excited! lol

    How did the cleanse stuff go? are you not doing it?

  2. No! I stopped on the 4th day. I started taking it and I think I slept for 3 days straight, I stopped taking it and I got all my energy back. Who knows if it was the pills or if I was just tired. Where have you been?! We're just going to buy a car I think for now so he can get to work and back and when he's landed he can buy his car and I can use the one we already have.

  3. Artificial cleanses are hardly ever a good idea... although they appear to be conveniant for some.

    And yes, you definitely should move ASAP. Wow, that's so scary...

  4. Sorry about the car Sab! and wow bet you can't wait to move!!

  5. @ dianra - I'm unsure what you mean by artificial but it was an all herbal capsule.

    and thanks guys, we did end up getting a car today!!!