Sunday, September 18, 2011


     Is coming to an end, I'm all moved and happy in our new house. As per my challenge, I have to try one new thing this month and it is going to be peaches. I probably should have had a peach sometime in my life, but I haven't that I can remember. I mean like a raw,natural, peach. I do love me some peach juice so I hope it's not gross. The fuzz freaks me out a little. I'm doing really well already (not just today but for the last few weeks) of being proactive and staying on top of things that need to be done instead of letting everything pile up. I find now I'm actually looking for things that need to be done. I think I gained a pound but I'm not killing myself about it. No guilt this time so I think I'm starting to get over it. Stocked up today on lots of good foods and looking forward to the weeks to come :)

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