Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yesterday was O-K.

     and by okay, I mean not my greatest day. I ate a shit ton of M&M's... those delicious little bastards. It's my TOM so I blame that, also to blame for my raging emotions. After my run yesterday I felt much better but I don't think I'll do much running today I feel like shit. So unfair. Nina was a monster after she woke up from her nap so we went for a walk too, and checked out some Holiday (read:Christmas) decorations & lights around the hood and got lost and took forever to find my way home. Not necessarily a bad thing, but my hands were real cold.

     Today my dad is coming to take Nina for the afternoon so I'll have a little bit of actual free time. Nice long bath with no listening for crying baby and being able to eat with out grunting. It's going to be amazing. Tonight we're going to Candy Cane Lane for a horse ride! (note to self: bring gloves) & subway for dinner. Man do I love subway.

     Even with the M&M fiasco I'm feeling better good about weigh in on Saturday. I'm not expecting anything amazing but some kind of loss would be nice.

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  1. Hope you had a nice bath with no baby!!!
    And hope your sleigh ride is amazing!!! Im jealous, totally want to go on a sleigh ride :(