Thursday, December 22, 2011

Okay Then.

     Things really seem to be turning around. Today is just such a great day. Today is my husbands 38th birthday!! Also I won a candle from an online giveaway, which is just SO much fun I've never won anything before so I am just stoked. I ordered some books a few days ago and some make up so I'll be receiving so much good mail the next few weeks.

     My mom came over yesterday and it was actually a good time. Not as bad as I was expecting I actually am really glad she came and spent some time (even if it was only half an hour!) with Nina. They opened some presents and mom played dolls with her. It was nice to see her being a grandma, I just wish it happened more often but what can you do?! I'm appreciating the time we had.

     As I said earlier in my post today is my husband, Adrians, 38th birthday. I haven't been feeling good today so I only ate a cheese string and drank a glass of juice so I think I'm going to order something for a special treat. Actually I could order just about anything and still stay in my calories for the day. Adrian wants pizza and wings so we'll see. I reallly want some ribs lol.

     So after yesterday I weighed in again today and I am back down to 158. This is starting to get annoying, but I'll take it.

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