Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 3 legged cat is giving me stink eye.

     I think he's plotting to kill me. So if I don't post again... you know what's up. It's been a lazy day here at home. The baby is napping. We were going to go for a walk when she woke up but she's been sleeping for hours and now it's dark out. HER LOSS IMO. Chill day here... I need to use my mini crock pot more often! It seems to have really taken all the work out of my day. I prepared my snacks/lunch(leftovers) and dinner first thing when I woke up and it really left my full day open to a lot of nothing. I want to say I wish we had better weather but considering it's almost mid-december it's actually fairly nice...

     I just heard a loud bang from upstairs and nearly pooped myself. It was just my razor falling off the wall. Woke the baby up cause I thought she might be dead... it's been almost 4 hours! She's alive.

     I (re)finished week 1 of the C25K today. With my calorie bump and getting back to the C25K I'm feeling really optimistic about my WI on the 17th.Last night Adrian and I played lots of Wii, bowling and tennis and I woke up sore today, how pathetic is that!! I think I need to start stretching in the morning, I'm starting to feel really stiff in my shoulders and back I don't know if it's just from the weather or what but I always feel a little looser after I stretch a little. Maybe I just need a long soak in my tub tonight!! Tomorrow I'm going to the gym with Ayla, then a little shopping!! I'll have to go to bed early tonight. I'll need to look for a new water bottle since Nina broke mine last week when I went to the gym.

     I'm going to look for some more crock pot recipes!! Any favorites from you guys!?

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  1. Great job on re-doing C25K! WI should be great for you!

    I like to make salsa chicken in my crock pot. :)

    Also, I made the "Crock pot chicken taco chili" from Skinny taste and we really liked it too, it was so easy.