Friday, December 9, 2011

I am hungry... I think?

     Nina is napping so I'm taking a breather... bed time tonight is going to be a fight, that is for sure. Her sleep schedule is just way off now with our crazy hours here at home. Hopefully I can get her down at a decent enough time that I can work out tonight. I played Wii tennis the other day and my arm STILL hurts, I am such a wimp.

     I'm having some crazy mood swings lately, a few days ago I seriously could have punched myself in the face I was hating life and today I caught myself thinking how great my life is. I do not know what is up with that, but I'll chalk it up to PMS again. I also cried like a baby watching The Biggest Loser a few days ago... which is totally not like me!

     All day today all I can think about is FOOD. When I woke up until now it's just been on my mind all day. I want to eat eat eat. I'm going to start dinner now, cause I am sooo hungry omg. I think my hungryomeder is broken. Actually now that  think about it the baby just went to sleep so i'm going to have some tea and chill out until she wakes up and then start dinner. Tonight I'm making Shepard's Pie from Skinny Taste, this is seriously the BEST website. Everything I've tried from there has been SO amazing. Last night I made turkey zucinni burgers and I had another today for lunch. Her recipes never disappoint.

     Well off to enjoy my quiet time and then start dinner I guess. I'm hoping to find a good crock pot one for tomorrow! I might have to try that salsa chicken Katy!!


  1. I think Ill do the shepards pie this week too!

    Also, I will pm you the Salsa chicken recipe!!