Monday, December 12, 2011

Yesterday was a disaster.

     My dad never came, which I guess I'm sort of used to, and expected. We had an easy day at home anyways. I was looking forward to a little alone time since I don't  get too much of it. I don't mind though it just would have been nice is all. Oh well! My food was kind of all over the place I wasn't feeling good so I  skipped breakfast and had a huge lunch & dinner. Dinner was Chinese food since Subway was closed....clearly the best option. It's okay though it's nice once in a while but I'm not feeling as confident about my weigh in that is in 5 days. I'm bloated from my TOM and I had been doing so well with working out and food wise up until yesterday. Back to normal today though so hopefully it's not too bad.

     The horse ride was fun to start until Nina didn't want to wear her gloves or hat then she just whined and cried and threw things all over and at the very end just screamed and screamed. I felt bad cause I'm sure every one else didn't want to hear it but it's not like I had anywhere to go, I was on a horse buggy! I felt terrible though. She did love the lights though. It's hard to find holiday activities for us with adrians schedule now. As it is, he won't even see Nina until next Sunday night again. I feel bad cause he misses her. Sometimes he wakes her up in the morning so he can see her before work but then I have to wake up an hour early and it messes up her whole sleep patterns.

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