Monday, December 19, 2011

Less then 1 week until Christmas!

     I am just so excited.  We`re not really having a dinner or anything special. We were going to go skiing but I think we`re going to opt out of driving on the highways Christmas eve & day and spend the time here at home since it`s Adrians only day off (Christmas Day). Nina is going to be so excited I can`t wait to see her opening her presents!  ( not to mention opening mine! even though they`re not a surprise :( ) Speaking of presents, my party Saturday was SO much fun even though I fell asleep. It was such a long day I was so tired. My secret santa was my friend Jenn and she got me the cutest little teapot and I`ve used it so much already. Drinking tea as I am writing this.

     So after Christmas is New Years (obviously) I`ve never made a new years resolution and I don`t plan to this year. I just want to carry on doing what I`m doing.  This last year has been amazing for me. Lots of changes, and lots of really great things have happened for us this last year and I`m hoping next year just gets better.

     I`ve still been tracking my food the last few days but it has been a little crazy and all over the place. I haven`t been training for my virtual 5 K at all I keep meaning to but I`ve been going crazy trying to get ready for Christmas and my party and everything so hopefully now that everything is finished with it`ll be a priority again.

     I did WI on the 17th like I had planned and I was down 2 lbs. Better then I expected but not as great as I was hoping for. Still I suppose it was just on track with what I am aiming for, 1 lb a week. At this pace it will wake me 1 year from my start date to lose 52 lbs so  I will still not be at my goal weight by June 15th ( my 1 year start date) I feel a little disappointed that it`s going to take so long. I expected to be dropping bigger numbers every week but the more weight I lose the slower is seems to be coming off so I think ( hope) that I can at least carry on at this pace, rather then stop losing all together lol.

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