Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mmm tea.

     Woke up "early" this morning, 9:30 am. Early for us anyways. Todays Adrians early day at work too! Well he'll  be home at like 7. "Early". Something I clearly do not know the definition of. So I'm sipping my tea and enjoying my slow, quiet, morning. Soon Nina will go for a nap and I'll get to finally eat breakfast.  BELT sandwich today. OR I could go for my run and then eat breakfast afterward. OR I could shower today. OR clean my house. Good thing Adrians off early today I might get to do two things! ( hopefully one is shower... it's been a while.)

     December is a horrid month for us. It's high season at the mall so Adrians there 9-9 Mon-Saturday and 11-6 on Sundays.  He only gets to see the baby Sundays, which makes both of us very cranky chicks. Worth it in the end I guess. With being a FLASM and it being dark 80% of the day it's just really depressing.  I'll  have to think of some stress relievers. What a month to give up drinking D: though I've so far stuck to it!

     I've started drinking Green Detox tea in the morning. It says it will make me feel like a new person! I feel ripped off though cause I feel exactly the same. Maybe I need something with a little more caffeine.

     OH! Besides not drinking, I've also stuck to my goal of not weighing in until the 17th! (so far) although now that I'm thinking about it I have the urge to do it lol.  I won't though!!

     I was looking back 5 weeks at MFP and what I wrote in my notes ( you'd weigh  - - - lbs in 5 weeks.) I'm not where MFP thought I would be. I'm not where I thought I would be. 5 weeks ago MFP was telling me I would weigh 155 point whatever in 5 weeks. NOW when I complete my entry it's still saying the same thing. I'm hoping my caloric changes will actually help get me there because clearly whatever I was doing, wasn't working. It's annoying to me that I keep saying it's "not working" but when I look at my progress I'm doing fine. It's just that I'm working so hard I want instant gratification mindset I guess. I just keep wondering what changes, what I need to do to lose more, or lose faster. Instead of that I guess I should just work on being happy with the progress that I am making and not worry about what I am not doing.


  1. Whats a FLASM?

    You're doing awesome! I know that upping your calories will help!

    I was gonna go buy that tea.. maybe not anymore lol

  2. Oh man, health plans and holidays do NOT jive together with me, so I totally feel for you. Good work, bro.