Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't think of a witty title.

     I woke up today feeling pretty energized. I have a lot of things I want to get done today, like clean toilets...ew. So I won't be working out today because I have a lot of things I want to get done around the house. Get everything in order for the next few weeks and it'll be easier to stay on top of. I feel like I'm getting ready for some kind of marathon. Actually, I kind of am! One - technically - I signed up for the virtual 5 K at in January ( don't remember the date, it's near the end) so it's great that I've started running again. Second maraton would be the months that are December and January at our house. The days really seem long and mashed together.

      I'm starting to get stir crazy with no where to really go.  Sometimes Nina and I walk down the street to look at Christmas lights. She really likes them. Today I asked Adrian to pick me up so I could go to the grocery store with him after work because I can't remember the last time I even left the house to do something... Yes I can, it was last Thursday when I went to the gym/shopping. Next Sunday though we're going to pack up the baby and go for a walk down Candy Cane Lane. I am thinking of registering for a sleigh ride but I don't think that we'll be able to make it there in time since Adrian will be working till 6. I'll just throw Nina in her wrap when she's tired. Omg I'm so excited she's going to love it so much.  I'll save some room in the calories for hot chocolate.

     Well...enough beating around the bush, and onto the serious stuff! I failed my no drinking for 17 days last night when I decided to have some drinks, but now I'll be back on track again... not that it really matters I guess. Not only did I fail at that but I really over ate yesterday and the day before, for no good reason. I know that my TOM is coming soon and I get really hungry before then, and I get reaaaaaaaaallly friggin hungry on days that I work out... but I have to start trying harder. I haven't WI though, mostly because I'm scared of what I'll see!


  1. On Thursday can I come pick you guys up and we can go to the gym on the north end in the morning?

    I have not been eating good the past few days... I dont know wtf happened to me.. I needed to step on the scale to face what Im doing and I was NOT happy.. it sure comes back on FAST. STOP OVER EATING (that was said to both of us lol) I am feeling more motivated today again. so no more fucking over eating for this fat girl! fml.

  2. Holy crap Ayla, how in the world are you awake at 6:47 lol. I'd die.

    Anyways, if you want to go earlier I can get Adrian to drop me off on his way to work (like 9) then i can bus or u can drop me off if i remember the carseat lol.

  3. lol I have school aged childrens :S

    Sure we can do that, have him drop you off. So what time should I be there at?