Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exercise is boring.

     I just logged yesterdays work out on Daily Mile and I always choose "Blah" as my mood when I have to work out on the treadmill. I was like it's just SO boring. Then I turned on biggest loser and what do you know... this weeks theme. I swear they can read my mind! I'm still working on it though, that has to count for something! Thus far I'm at 3km/15km for this week, and 20.75 km/500km for the year. I'm going to be doing a lot of walking tomorrow I wish I had a way to track my distance then! I'd also love to go swimming this week but it's Spring Break and I do not enjoy fighting the crowds, maybe next week. I think I'm going to order zumba for my Wii fit. I got it for Christmas and haven't used it.

    What I decided to do in the end calorie wise was up my calories to 1385 but I'm aiming to stick between 1385-1400.  It's my BMR, minus 500 calories for a loss of 1lb a week. Ive thought about eating the 1885 but I  don't think, mentally, that I can do that. Not yet anyways.

This morning I was 161 lbs, but I'm so over the scale. I hate fighting with it. Every day I hop on and think YES TODAYS GOING TO BE.....162. it's always 162. When it's not... it goes back to 162. So tonight I'm putting the scale in the shed so I'll stop weighing myself because I'm tired of the disappointment!!


  1. I haaattte running on the treadmill so much lol.
    The 500 cal per day deficit comes from your total daily energy expenditure (whew! Aka TDEE) which is your BMR plus what you burn in a day from activities.
    The BMR calculator shou tell u that number too. If you eat under your BMR you lose more muscle because that's just what you need to stay alive and functioning if you were laying still in bed all day. I just realized I was eating under my BMR which is probably why I was still so hungry all the time lol. I used this site whiiiich it won't let me paste lol. Anyway a lot of ppl on mfp said it was a good one and you can be really specific with your activity level. I'll message it to you I guess lol. If u want!

  2. The deficit is TDEE minus 500 calories I should say lol. That made no sense

  3. Yeah I get that, I just don't want to eat 1885 calories a day, so I just minused the 500 calories and found a number higher then there I was that I felt comfortable with.

  4. Congrats on the lose :)
    Im avoiding going swimming during pring break too lol .. way too many kids!