Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools!

     I haven't seen 162 since I went down to 157 and I am stoked! Upping my calories was the absolute best thing I could have done. I'm having a little difficulty staying in my macro nutrients but it's getting better. Not today though cause I have a little bit of a hang over from girls night and I had Mcdonalds for lunch and will have Subway for dinner lol.

Just three chicks in a tub.

     It was nice to hang out with some new friends. We never did get around to the board game, but my nails have never looked better. I always feel nervous after I hang out with new people, hoping they don't think I'm a nutjob or something afterwards. I had fun though, lots of good snacks, too good.


  1. You are a nutjob, but in a good way <3 lol glad you had fun last night :)

  2. 157?! AWESOME!!

    Glad you are happy with upping your calories!!

  3. Sabrina, you're awesome :) I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys!! I always think that I come off as really awkward/strange, but Saturday was fantastic.