Friday, April 13, 2012

who doesn't love ice cream cake??

     Rainy day here, it's nice though so snuggle up and watch movies with Nina. Drink some of my new teas I bought yesterday. One being David's Tea Ice Cream Cake. It makes me want stew, or soup for dinner but we're having chicken parmesan which is good too. Soup and sandwich for lunch, I think so.

     Yesterday I was having such a great day. I went shopping and Nina was being an angel and no complains at all. I'm sure being a 2 year old stuck in a stroller for 5 hours cannot be fun. I met up with Katy for a few minutes too! Shopped and hung out with Nina. Had an Arbys Beef n' Cheddar for lunch witch was the same calories as the salad I had planned in  my lunch lol. Went car shopping and while we were talking to the lady about financing she asked Nina if she was "excited for the new baby" Like really?  Nothing to bring me down when I'm feeling good about myself. Adrian did buy me a fantastic pair of sunglasses though so I'm happy. I just have to remember that I'm working on it and some people are just ignorant. Even though I've lost weight and I feel good about it I'm still fat to the rest of the world and they don't know that I'm trying.

   Time to curl up for a couch nap.

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