Sunday, March 18, 2012

I hate today too!

     Aaah, Sunday is usually Adrians day off, but he went to work today. I'M LOSING MY MIND. Jussst.Breeaaathe. Okay, okay. I have a lot of really great stuff to share today.  I'll start with my weekly update.

     So this week again I am under my weekly calories. Few days I went over but on average I did pretty good. I need to cut back on carbs and sodium. I'll start on that tomorrow... since todays food for the day is 1.) planned and 2.) Subway.  More protein and water.  I'm not sure how the end of this week and next week will go since I'm getting my braces on Friday! I'm assuming it's going to be another week of a lot of soup and soft foods. Some people tell me it hurts a lot and some say it's not so bad and I am scared. 

     I've signed up for Daily Mile so I can track my way to my goal of 500KM in 2012. So far I'm at like 10 but I'm only counting work outs that I've done this week and on. Only because I think I just started tracking distance instead of just how long I was doing it and how many calories I've burned. I added a widget I think, to my blog. I get confused when I'm trying to do things from my Ipad so I think it's there somewhere on the side. 

     I used Walk Jog Run to track my path yesterday. I scoped out some of the trails but none of the entrances I found had paved trails and my stroller is just too hard to get down there. I guess it would just add to my work out! I ended up seeing a wolf or some weird dog like animal in the bush and got scared and ran home ( ok, I walked, really, really fast). It's so nice and sunny again today I'd love to go for another walk but I am just in such a bad mood I just want to sit and pout on my couch. I know a walk will make me feel better but when I get home it's dragging in the stroller and keeping the baby out of the road and the cats inside and getting every one undressed... gah it's such a mission. I think I might need to invest in a cheapy jogging stroller I can keep on the porch or in the shed just to make my life easier!! 

     Well... I was going to start this paragraph with an I statement, there are a lot of them in this post. I guess I am here to blog about myself. Makes me feel obnoxious. I weighed in yesterday and this morning and I am down another 2 lbs from the last time I weighed in, I think it was Monday. I am officially saying my plateau is finally done! 

     Off to make a cup of tea and breakfast. I'm actually dreading going into the kitchen because the baby has her kitchen toys out and it's a whole lot of small pieces that I usually end up stepping on and nearly killing myself, a lot of unwashed dishes because no matter how clean my kitchen is when I go to bed Adrian manages to leave a mess of crumbs and dishes on his way to work... and last of all I'm too lazy to make breakfast. Yes, it's going to be one of those days.


  1. I used to lose daily mile.. I should start again.

    YAY for braces!! You must be soo stoked! I know you have wanted them for a long time.

    And congrats on the 2lb loss :D

  2. Thanks Aylaaa. We should do some kind of weekly challange together for miles... or kms in my case lol.

  3. it would be kms in my case too lol. But yeah Im totally up for it! We can talk about it when you get on msn.