Tuesday, March 13, 2012


    On Sunday I forgot to give you my weekly update. Which was just because I forgot, because I found syphilherpaids on my stomach. We'll get back to that later though. I also weighed in so this is perfect to add into my post for today.

     I'll start here with my weekly summary. 129 calories under goal which I can thank to two very easy (walking) work outs this week. Better then nothing. Monday I had a brownie, don't judge me. I also had a piece of birthday cake Sunday which I did not add in my diary but after working out a little bit which I also didn't add and finding my herpaids I think I'll let that slide. It was little, but delish. Thank you Ayla for introducing me to a new kind of hell that I hope I never have to deal with again. Aka. Chuck E Cheese's.

   Now what... more about the herpaids or should I move on to my WI. Well I'll save the best for last and tell you about the weird...thing... on my body. A few weeks ago I found a weird red lump-ish looking thing size of a dime ( I don't know the american equivalent.) I assumed it was a rash from my belt because I get them when I wear my cheap belt. The other day I was in the bath, bathing away and washing, and soaping and rinsing and scrubbing when I noticed that it grew. There's three round dry rashy lumps... I am feeling a little creeped out now and thought maybe I wore my belt and just don't remember and it made it worse. Anyways today it's not any better ( I am also wearing death belt again, it keeps my pants up the neighbors like that kind of thing.) so if it doesn't go away in a few days im going to go see a dr. I'm going to find a dr and then go see one.

Note to self: Find a family doctor.

    NOW! The good stuff. I weighed in today. 162Lbs! which would make me want to punch kittens if it had been any other day but today. Since Satan was here to visit I had gained 8 lbs so that means in just 12 days I had a 5 lbs loss, which I can thank to my diligence in tracking calories and not eating a whole tub of gummy candies. You think that would just be common sense but when Satan is living in your house common sense goes out the window until you stress yourself into syphaherpaids.

So, a 5 pound loss and possibly death growth. I'd say its a good week! If I'm stilla t 162 in 2 weeks, i might buy a gun and shoot myself.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. LOL your poor herpaids.
    Is it maybe exzema?
    Def find a doctor and get it checked out.

    You're doing great! You really are, Im proud of you :)