Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 5, already?

     Wow, these last few weeks are flying by.  Here's my update for the Give Yourself The Best Gift Challenge.

  •  will eat out less. I will eat clean. I will make better choices when I do eat out. I will stay within my calories, no exceptionsI. Bang. On. I stayed in my calories, and as for eating out... I'll post about that at my next point, since it was Octobers Goal to lose 5lbs and not eat out, at all.
  • I will set a new goal, either a scale goal, or an NSV for every month. Octobers scale goal was 5lbs. I don't think I'm going to make it but I've been doing so well with my calories, and burning a lot of cals working out so we'll see what the end result is, soon. I haven't been weighing myself and I'm thinking of making a mini goal for this week not to weigh myself at all instead of every morning. Good idea Sabrina. As for my October goal of not eating out at all.... this week I managed to avoid it! I feel like it's a major feat. It seems so ridiculous really, but I did it, and I am happy.
  • I will workout. I won't depend on diet alone for weight loss. I will work out 3 days a week, whether it's 30 minutes, or 2 hours. I will commit to 3 designated work outs a week. Yes!! Again!! So proud. I am starting week 4 of the C25K on Monday. I also did a 30 minute jog AND an hour walk with the baby today and I am aiming to do it a lot more this week while the nice weather lasts.
  • I will be more (pro)active. I will do things. I will not procrastinate, I will do what needs to be done, as it needs doing or before. I honestly thought I had been doing so well with this one. Then I realized... I've lived here over a month... and the babies room is still all packed up. Not one thing besides her bedding and clothes were unpacked. Well minus toys but those aren't even in her room to begin with. Challenge for this week: Set up the babies room!!
  • I will plan my meals in advance. Yes!! every day this week and I'm sure that's what been keeping me from eating out and staying in my calories this week.
  • I will try something new once a week. Food, recipe, activity, whatever. I don't remember what I said last week, I'll have to go back and check it out but I'm sure I did it lol. Today I'm  making chicken Tikka Masala! So thats new. As for trying something new this upcoming week... let's go with...Yoga. Since all of my try something new's have been foods... I'll try a new activity this week. There's a yoga studio near my house that I might be able to make it to one day if Adrian gets off early.
  • I will be nicer to my husband. Well, this was a disaster lol.
So, in summary this week I think I did pretty darn good. I'm excited for the upcoming week to do even better. What I'm going to work on this week is:
1.) Going to yoga
2.) Not weighing myself.
3.) C25K + 3, 1 hour walks.
4.) Babies room
5.) Not eating out.
6.) The last 3 lbs for my Oct scale goal.

It seems so hard, yet easy at the same time lol. I guess we will have to see how it goes.


  1. You are headed in the right direction. Even if the 3 more lbs. lost don't happen you can make a significant dent in it. You have 7 days so you are correct that it's probably not going to be there so do the best you can and determine that November's goals will be reached for sure!! I think 5 lbs. a month is very realistic and very attainable. It's the behaviors we change that make it happen. We all know what we need to change for success to be ours.

  2. lol @ be nicer to my husband!

    Those are great goals Sabrina! So when is your weigh in day for the goal of 5 lbs?

  3. The 31st or the 1st if I think I need an extra half day LOL.

  4. We're also going to a veg restaurant after Lyras birthday party today lol.

  5. you're doing awesome Sabrina :) Must feel great!!

  6. Looks to me like you did great! I stopped weighing myself every day a while ago. It is hard sometimes, but keeps me focused on eating well and exercising. It just too frustrating for me to weigh in and see no loss with great efforts. Have another great week! Michele