Monday, October 3, 2011

Give yourself the best gift challenge Week 2

Action points

  • I will eat out less. I will eat clean. I will make better choices when I do eat out. I will stay within my calories, no exceptions. I've been doing really good with this. Next week will be even better.
  • I will set a new goal, either a scale goal, or an NSV for every month. I didn't reach my goal for September (6lbs) but I did reach 5 and I'm happy with that. My goal for October is an NSV, and it is not to eat out AT ALL. This one is going to be so hard, I don't know why I have such problems with this. Also, a mini goal for this month is to take more pictures and post more pictures.
  • I will workout. I won't depend on diet alone for weight loss. I will work out 3 days a week, whether it's 30 minutes, or 2 hours. I will commit to 3 designated work outs a week. I did not do this this week, I kept putting it off and by the time the weekend came it was hectic as crazy and my cats sequestered to the basement and it's quiet so I'm hoping this week is better. 
  • I will be more (pro)active. I will do things. I will not procrastinate, I will do what needs to be done, as it needs doing or before.  I've been doing o - k with this. Just okay, I could improve.
  • I will plan my meals in advance. Again, I was doing okay until the weekend. I'm sure next week I'll  be back on track. 
  • I will try something new once a week. Food, recipe, activity, whatever. This week I tried blueberry muffins. They were rock hard, and not very good. Next week I am going to try banana bran bread.
  • I will be nicer to my husband.  It's been a stressful weekend, so I think I've actually done really well with this. We're dealing with a lot of guilt over what happened so we've really had to support each other so we don't go crazy.


  1. Congrats on pounds off in Sept. That is terrific. Looks like you know what you need to work on for this week. Stay strong and keep up your focus, and through the weekend!

  2. I'm with ya all the way on the last one. One of my faults:)
    It must feel good to have this guide to help you along!

  3. So sorry to hear about your cat! My dog had to have his leg amputated, and we worried and worried about him being disabled, but when he got home the first chance he got he took off like a shot to go play in the yard as if nothing had happened, I hope your kitty does as well!

    As for the challenge, no worries! The deadline is always on Monday at Midnight, Pacific Time, at the time that I am writing this comment it is 10:18 Pacific Time, so there are still almost 2 hours left before the deadline! :-D

    You did well considering the circumstances. I certainly hope your next week goes smoother.