Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glad that's over.

     So after a lovely birthday party for a friends little cutie on Sunday, Nina had full on flu Tuesday. Then I had FULL ON RAGING FLU FROM DEATH Tues/Wed and still feeling pretty sore today so I didn't do my walk or run but we're back to good health tonight and should be right back on track tomorrow. I have absolutely no motivation to actually do it but I can't get off track now... I just got on! It's easy though to let being sick really drag you down and next thing you know you totally lose sight and forget what you were working for.

     On the topic of falling off the wagon... this is the longest I've ever worked at trying to lose weight. It's usually a phase, lasts a week of two, if that. Then it's back to normal days. I've been logging on MFP religiously, every day, for 135 days as of today. I count that as my "actual" start day now. June 15th 2011. I started off slow, and I haven't always been totally on track but I've always been committed and I keep saying I'm having slow progress but slow progress is better then no progress. I am trying to balance eating what I want, with eating what I should and I've had good days and bad but since I'm nearly 20lbs down now I'll take  it.

     It's been a long, frustrating, and hard week. At least now it's half over. I just need to stay motivated!!