Sunday, October 9, 2011

Give yourself the best gift week 3

     It has been a crazy week. Followed by the usual weekend drama llama. Now I realize why it's so hard to stick to it on weekends... with my crazy ass family, and Adrian working 9-9 and home all day sunday it just throws off my weekend. You think we'd be in some kind of routine but these last few weeks are going by so fast. I didn't even realize it had been a week until it was time to update again.

Action points

  • I will eat out less. I will eat clean. I will make better choices when I do eat out. I will stay within my calories, no exceptions. I'm not eating clean, per say. I'm eating better then before I find eating "clean" is much too hard for me. I'm staying in my calories though and we only ate out once this week. I did not stay within my calories that day lol.
  • I will set a new goal, either a scale goal, or an NSV for every month. I already failed on my goal not to eat out AT ALL. Though I did cut it down to just once this week so hopefully the rest of the month goes well too. I haven't been taking many more pictures but I'm cooking a turkey today for thanks giving... There will be a photo lol. I'm also not down any of the 5lbs I was hoping for this month which is really discouraging.
  • I will workout. I won't depend on diet alone for weight loss. I will work out 3 days a week, whether it's 30 minutes, or 2 hours. I will commit to 3 designated work outs a week. I BARELY made this one, but I did it and that's what counts. I'm starting week 3 of the C25K.
  • I will be more (pro)active. I will do things. I will not procrastinate, I will do what needs to be done, as it needs doing or before.  I've been doing good with this still... mind you I was just in the kitchen thinking about how the dishes need to be done but decided to update my blog instead. Sundays are Adrians only day off, which mean it's my only day off as well.
  • I will plan my meals in advance.  Bang on this week!
  • I will try something new once a week. Food, recipe, activity, whatever. I made won tons. NEVER.AGAIN. I won ton'd my hands numb. From now on, I'm buying them premade. They WEEEERRRE so good though.
  • I will be nicer to my husband.  No arguments this week! Which is a win for us I think.


  1. Starting week three of C25K is no small feat. So, nice work there. Plus, if you did eat out alot in the past and now have done it only once, that is progress, too. Now, this week onward and great progress on your other goals. Hang in there and stay focused on your goals. have a good week.

  2. You are doing really well on most of your goals, the only one that slipped was not eating out, so keep it up! :-D

  3. Great job on the exercise and you're right, you did it and that's what counts!!!

  4. You did an excellent job of meeting your goals. Great job!

  5. Thanks everybody!! I appreciate it!