Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sabrina Vs. The Halloween Chocolates

     So far they've been winning. 50 calories/ mini chocolate bar...I haven't gone too crazy but I'd prefer not to be eating them at all. Damn them and their chocolately goodness.  Anyhoo, I started back on the C25K yesterday and tomorrow I will be finished week 3 but MAN do my lungs burn. I definitely regret taking that week off. I'll get over it though... and I'm back on track so I'm feeling pretty good still about the way things are going.  I just wish I could be more active... as dumb as that sounds. At our old place we had two pools and a gym nearby and I don't have that convenience here to just walk to the pool and have the privacy we did at our old place ( the pool was always empty, so I had it all to myself.) I'm not a very good swimming so I really liked that.

     I haven't eaten out at all yet this week which is my biggest challenge usually so this is the first week in as long as I can remember. I've been getting better at the meal planning biz, and even adding in some snacks when I used to just eat the 3 meals and I'd feel full in between but I think I'm getting better at evening it out and having some snacks in between so that's good too. What are your favorite snacks during the day?

     I feel like I'm not losing as much, or as fast as I would like to. while I do tell myself any progress is better then no progress I feel like I keep telling myself I could be doing better but not doing anything to change or fix the problem. I'll have to work that into my goals for next week and next month.

Oh! and if anybody uses MFP you should add me!  SabrinaK1986


  1. I just snack on veggies and fruit mainly but I also like laughing cow light cheese spread on crackers mmm.

    I still think you should get Adrian to hide it.. up high somewhere lol

  2. I mostly just paddle around in the pool. I think any way of being active is a good one.

  3. I didn't buy halloween candy this year, because last year, Im sure I ate a whole box :(

  4. LOL! Katy, I didn't even buy them... superstore gave them to me for free. YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO FREE.