Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So far, so good.

The visit that is. I've been avoiding weighing myself though. I have been eating a ton of gummy candies that my mil brought so I'm actually scared of wi. I think since its a shrt month I'm going to wait until the end of February and hope for the best. I'm not working out at all.

What I am doing though, is eating vegetarian. Not because I have to, or even want to but mymil is a vegetarian so I figured why not? Worse comes to worse and it doesn't have to be forever. Best case scenario it helps me lose a few extra lbs. so far it's actually really easy even when we have eaten out. If I didn't have piles of meat in the freezer I probably wouldn't mind being a vegetarian forever lol. I do find that when I eat meat or thinking about eating meat I feel a little guilty. I will definitely be cutting down on the amount I eat, if nothing else.

Lots if real life stuff going on. We're thinking of starting to TTc for a second baby, it's not perfect timing but I'm starting to wonder if there is such a thing as perfect timing or will there always be a reason not to be pregnant or have a newborn. I just do not know.

I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow, again. I'm getting a referral to an oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth pulled then finally booking my consultations with a few orthos and then finally my braces. Omg I am so happy lol

Oh y gosh! How could I forget. I bought a new bathing suit yesterday and it was the first store I went I to and the second one I tried on. I think I might even post pictures!


  1. awesome!!

    I'd love to see pics of the bathing suit! Where did you get it? I need a few

  2. I got it at swimco in west Ed. I'll take some pics later but I might cheat and wear shorts cause it doesn't have as much coverage as IDE usually like a the bottom. It was in the modest section but it is not so modest lol