Sunday, February 12, 2012

I should be more excited.

I weighed in again today. Down another 2, almost three, pounds. I would normally be stoked but I think I am jaded. The last few months I keep losing and regaining the same 5 pounds. I'm scared to change my ticker lest it come back. It's humiliating to go up and down so much,so publicaly too.

I'm doing pretty good with the vegetaria thing, I have to admit though I do eat chicken once every few days and today subway for lunch so ham and turkey sub cause it is my favorite lol tummy is making noises must be time for breakfast. Today is an edd salad sandwich. Sunday's are the best cause it's Adrian's only day off. I woke up, took a nice bath and now I'm updating my log from bed lol. After teak fast were going to go swimming so hopefully I'll burn a few calories since I haven't been working out.

I guess since Adrian's mom is here I could ask him to drop me off at the gym at nights but it's so far it hardly seems worth the drive...I could kill for a little alone time though lol. As along as you can be at a gym anyways. At least I could have an hour with o one chatting at me. Only like? 20 more days to go?

Oh! My ovulation and oreg Andy tests came in the mail today, but I'm still sort of undecided. I guess if we waited a few months I could still go to the Dom rep, I'd just be pregnant lol. With a 2 year old I wouldn't be doing much partying anyways. I think that may be the best idea now I just have to time it perfectly lol. Like that ever works for me. Wishful thinking I guess, that it won't take another 3 years.

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