Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2, of the rest of my life.

     I could call it day one since day one was actually spent in bed watching old episodes of degrassi and hating my life, but I won't because that was a great start to my new year considering I had a mega-hangover. New years was fun, stayed in and drank much too much champagne. I didn't get around to doing the things I was going to yesterday via I did not leave my bed for anything besides a cheese string and to pee. That's fine because day 2 is just as good as day one says this guy!

     I've been thinking about my pictures to document my weight loss and all I keep thinking is omg what should I wear?! I have some just awful pictures in a sports bra and sweats from my highest weight and I just don't think I am willing to share those. I mean it made sense when I assumed I'd loose the weight and look great in a sports bra and sweats but that is not the case as of yet. Maybe I'll just start with new ones now and keep those for a grand finale. I also have some virtual pictures that I've been doing but those models i mean they just don't have my body type. Even at 182 lbs they don't have loose skin or stretchmarks  or love handles like I do! I will take pictures and post them today.

     So my official weight as of today is 162lbs. I expected that though. I feel the need to explain myself, but I won't. No excuses! I've updated everything and I'm not looking at this like a setback because I don't think I should have changed my sticker those last few pounds to begin with because I had a feeling I would gain the weight back and quickly.

     I'm looking forward to this year. I'm hoping the new years and all of the new years resolutions to lose weight brings new blogs and new followers for me. I'll edit this post to add my pics when I take them during nap time!!

I wish I had a better mirror for taking pics, I could have used the timer but then I feel so awkward and I wonder wtf do I do with my hands, what about my feet, do i look into the camera should i look away i should have done my make up... this... is easier. I just hate those lines!


  1. Welcome to a new year, and a new you in 2012. Yes, small world -- we are both in Edmonton! :)

  2. Al least you have got a mirror for taking pictures! That lack of mirror is what keeps me from posting ridiculous picture updates - I usually have to get the BF to take my picture, and although being a voracious photographer, as soon as I start getting (un-)dressed for pictures he loses interest in his camera. ^^

  3. You have done great so far :) And I believe this year we will do even better!!

  4. You cannot hate your life AND watch Degrassi. C'mon. (also you should explain what that is to your American friends imo)

  5. Nooo!! I do not hate my life lol. U have me all wrong!!