Thursday, January 19, 2012


This number is haunting me. Since as long as i can remember. Though I'm glad to see it today. I had a goal of no weight ins until January 19th assuming I would have a great wi and it would make my day. This morning I debated waiting a few days because the last few days I have been pretty off base calorie wise. Last night I ate a prime rib burger with cheese and bacon. Like Adrian said, if I can't eat what I want on my birthday then it's no fun lol. So I went ahead and the burger alone was like 1300 calories but worth it for one night. I did end up weighing in and it was 162lbs, again. I'm not stoked but I thought I had gained so its good enough for me. No more cheating.

Today is my birthday and I'm getting so many great comments on my Facebook. Adrian made it extra special. I got an iPad and rye and we ordered burgers from Boston pizza. I was worried about the lasagna but because of the -45 weather here in Alberta my sister decided its probably best for them to stay home. I'm bummed because I was excited and I haven't seen her in months but it makes the
Most sense. I just hope my dad will still babysit on Saturday but I have a feeling he will cancel. Guess it depends know bad he wants to use my Internet I guess since that seems to be the only reason he's coming. Adrian took Saturday off. Probably the first one since I've known him since it's the busiest day, he makes the most money lol.

Enough about the good stuff. My
Mother in law is coming to visit in a few weeks and I am not looking forward to it. She was here the summer Nina was born and all she does is complain. Shell be here for a
Month and I am already not looking forward to it. God help me.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    What kind of rye? I'm partial to Crown Royal myself:)

  2. OMG to the MIL coming.. for a month!!
    I would especially if you are not close to each other!

    Hope you have fun with Adrian on Saturday!

  3. umm.. just ignore that "I would" lol