Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another day, another blog post

     Specifically another blog post just to avoid doing something I should be doing. Today I'm painting my craft room. It's all spackled and tapes and all that needs to be done is paint poured but I am scurred. I've never painted anything in my life what if it's terrible. The color is SO bright what  if it looks ridiculous?  This seemed like a great idea a few weeks ago. Now the whole idea is terrifying. I'm actually sitting in the room with my computer pretending like I'm going to start any second now... any second...

     Maybe I'll have lunch first.


  1. Hey, if it sucks you can always paint over it.

  2. lol Im sure it turned out fine!
    btw I tagged you in a blog post the other day.. yesterday actually

  3. Painting is fun! And a great workout for your upper body. And you could share pics once it is done! And if it's really terrible, you can always get a bucket of plain white.