Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure... and 50% pain.

Well, I could not just let today go by with out updating you all on two small NSV's today. First, and foremost now that I'm down about 10 lbs ( snuck a peek at the scale this afternoon!) I have noticed one change in my body. My ladies are definitely SMALLER. Thank bloody Jesus.( no offense meant lol) For me, being a G34... this is AMAZING. I can wear lower cut tops... or t-shirts for that matter with out feeling my boobs are putting on a show of their own. Even in a regular t-shirt I had cleavage ALL.THE.TIME. & not to mention no double boob anymore. I can't wait till they actually have some REAL shrinkage. I'm sure all you chicks with big boobies can hear me on this one.

The second NSV I actually consider a big one. I've been wanting to do the C25K, but I have this fear of running, and moreso running on a treadmill. I can thank thousands of hilarious youtube videos for that one. Today I did the Week one, day one work out of the couch 2 5 k and I RAN on a treadmill. In front of everybody, and I didn't fall flat on my face and I didn't quit. I ran and ran and ran... I was SO proud of myself. Still am. and will be again tomorrow when I do it again.

So stoked. On that note, I'll go back to where I said I snuck a peek at the scale. I knowwww I said I would wait until the end of July but I'm an addict... I loveee seeing that number go DOWN. Love it! 173LBS today, after lunch. That is a 9 pound loss from June 15th. 28 days! I have no doubts I can blow my other NSV's out of the water by the end of july... minus the 30 day shred. I might start over again but I just have no motivation to work out at home. I think I'm better suited to be outside, or at the gym. Whatever works for me... sorry Jillian! I do need some good chest flies in my life!

Another day starting and ending on a happy note. Man, I love my life! I never thought I would feel this happy until it was gone... but I'm just SO proud of myself.


  1. Congratulations!

    C25K is a great program... it has helped me start over with running for the third(!!) time this year after two injuries (in March and April), and so far my legs are just happy! I'm at week 6, workout 3 scheduled for later this afternoon...

  2. Congrats on your successes!
    Isn't running awesome? I just love it!