Sunday, July 17, 2011


I had pizza and wings yesterday, and I went way over my calories, fat, sodium, sugar lol. You know, everything. Quite Frankly, today's not looking so great either LOL. Weekends are my nemesis. It's fine. Back to the real world Monday. Gym, swimming lessons for the baby. Actually I've been doing so good doing the C25K, I actually love it so much. I'm going to do the first week over again this week since it's been a few days and then start next week with week 2 so I can go Mon-Wed-Fri. Or maybe I should do Tues- Thurs-Sat since Nina has swimming Monday and Wednesday and we need to get time in for a nap or else she's one annnngry little thing. I do feel disappointed because I had been doing so well and I'm sure if I stepped on the scale there would definitely be a gain. I'm not going to though cause as long as I deny it I won't feel so guilty about bbq-ing today haha.

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